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Hi, I'm Jill!

 My own Keto journey started as a 90 Day Challenge.  I’d seen my husband do Keto with great results but it looked like a whole lot of Bacon and Eggs.  How on earth do you do Keto without the meat?  

I’m a Nutrition and Fitness coach so I knew I needed  plenty of Protein for muscle recovery and growth, but so much of my usual go to protein like beans were laden with carbs…

In my initial 90 Day Keto trial I dropped a lot of weight, the weights I were lifting at the gym went up and I felt amazing.  I was a lean, mean fat fighting machine.  

But there was a lot of guesswork.  I made a lot of mistakes, and there was so much information about Keto that didn’t apply to me, it was confusing.  That’s why I’ve created Vegetarian Keto made easy.

Easy Veg Keto is exactly that.  It’s to make Vegetarian Keto as easy as possible for maximum results.


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The 12 week program changed my life. After being stuck in a rut with weight loss for years I have finally found something that works for me. I have lost 10+kg and counting! The diet and exercise isn't just a 12 week change, it's a lifestyle change. Thank you!
12 Week Program participant.

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