Vegetarian Keto Taco Salad Recipe

Vegetarian Keto taco salad recipe

Vegetarian Keto Taco Salad is one of my favourite go tos when I’m fanging for Mexican food.

It’s pretty easy to throw together and I usually have the taco mince made up and already split into portions so I can just add any of the following: lettuce, cheese, avocado, sour cream, taco sauce and a fresh salsa if the macros allow.

Like normal tacos, they are great for when you have people around.  Everyone can add what they like.

If you don’t have Quorn mince or want to use it, try using the taco seasoning to flavour sliced mushrooms, diced tofu or any other base.

Taco Mince:

 Makes four serves, 319 cal
 4.2g carbs- 27.4g fat- 12.3g protein
15g taco spice mix-Thinly Slice the Mushrooms
70g mushrooms-Heat a fry pan and melt the butter
125g butter-stir through the taco seasoning and let it absorb into the butter
300g Quorn Mince-Add the Quorn mince and 3/4 cup of water
 -Let the mix simmer until the water is absorbed

Fresh Salsa: 

Add the ingredients together in whatever quantity suits your taste.  Usually I make this up with one tomato and a quarter of a capsicum.  A slither of red onion also gives it a great bite.

  • Diced tomato
  • Diced Capsicum
  • chopped corriander
  • squirt of lime juice.

Enjoy your Vegetarian Taco Salad!

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