Is it possible to do Keto without the Meat?

Around a year ago I started a 90-day experiment to try Vegetarian Keto and see what it would do for my body, both weight and strength wise at the gym.

My husband had done Keto before with great success, but he’s a meat eater and it looked like a whole lot of bacon and eggs.

For the sake of the experiment, I tracked everything I ate in Myfitnesspal, enabling me to stick to the macros of 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs.  I know a lot of people measure Keto in net carbs, which is the number of grams of carbs minus the number of grams of fibre, but I didn’t, I measured straight up carbs.

The results were pretty amazing, I lost 11kg in 90 days, which considering I weighed 66kg to start with that’s a lot.  And the weights I was lifting went up too. I felt like a lean, mean fighting machine.

I found I really struggled to get enough protein without incorporating protein powder into my diet, so I had protein powder almost daily.  A lot of vegetarian protein, like beans are loaded with carbs.  Eggs were definitely a major staple in the vegetarian Keto diet, and cheese.  Mind you, there were lots of perks to a high-fat diet too, like garlic creamy mushrooms, baked Camembert and keto pizza.  And enjoying the occasion no carb drink like a gin and tonic, or whisky made it feel like a manageable existence.

vegetarian Keto meal plans

Since ending the 90-day experiment I still go back to Vegetarian keto, but more of the ‘lazy keto’ version, cutting the obvious potato, pasta and high carb bread, but definitely adding more vegetables to the mix, and I now also look at net carbs to broaden my food range.

I am definitely not a ‘carbs are bad’ kind of person.  In fact, I’m not a fan of any food being labelled good or bad, because I feel like it breeds all sorts of troubled relationships with eating.  What I found most interesting about my original 90 days of really strict keto was how my body responded to fueling itself with fat.  Once the initial keto flu had passed and I was in the magical ketosis zone I had a huge amount of energy and my weight kept dropping.

Is Vegetarian Keto possible? Definitely.  Is it sustainable? For me, no, but I happily go for big chunks of time on and off it for the sake of variety and to keep my body guessing.

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