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Supercharge your Weightloss with our 7 Day Vegetarian Keto Challenge

Are you Struggling with Weightloss?

Ready to see actual results in the next 7 days? Imagine how motivated you’ll feel when the first few kilos drop away.

Yes, it’s absolutely possible.

Who on earth are you Jill and why should I listen to you?

Hi! I’m Jill, a Nutrition and Fitness coach who helps driven Men and Women uplevel their lives through Food and Fitness.
I’m a Vegetarian myself and have had amazing results with Vegetarian Keto. 
But when I started I made plenty of mistakes along the way, and a lot of what I researched about Keto didn’t really apply to me as a non meat eater.

I’ve since also become a certified nutrition coach, so I’m not just a random woman who is giving you random information.  This 7 day challenge is a mix of both my own personal experience and actual education about how to get the best from your body through a high fat, low carb diet.  While I can’t give you everything in 7 days, we can definitely get it a good crack.

What will you get?

In 7 days get your Veg Keto journey off to a solid start with daily actionable steps


At only $14, that’s just $2 a day, it’s a bargain in anyone’s books.  But I’m keeping the price low so more people give it a try.  Why not just make it free then? Because if people pay money, even a small amount they have skin in the game.  They are more likely to take action and get results.  And what I want for my clients are results.

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