This Kickstart Vegetarian Keto Meal Plan

Is Created to Make the next 4 weeks of your Keto Journey as easy and successful as possible.

You want to look and feel better, and have heard Keto is a great way to go…  Except you don’t eat meat.

The prospect of working around the right amount of fats, carbs and proteins makes your brain hurt

You’ve tried it all on your own and now you just want to be told exactly what to do.

You want it to be easy to follow and not have to work it out yourself.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. 

What if I told you I had a no-brainer, easy to follow and adapt plan?

vegetarian Keto diet meal plans

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Who wouldn't want to eat this kind of food and still lose weight? And all the recipes are included in the plan

veg keto haloumi salad recipe
Vegetarian keto made easy pizza
easy keto 'oatmeal' with raspberries
vegetarian keto taco salad

Hi, I'm Jill!

vegetarian keto weight loss results weightloss

 My own Keto journey started as a 90 Day Challenge.  I’d seen my husband do Keto with great results but it looked like a whole lot of Bacon and Eggs.  How on earth do you do Keto without the meat?

I’m a Nutrition and Fitness coach so I knew I needed  plenty of Protein for muscle recovery and growth, but most of my usual go to protein like beans, were laden with carbs…

In my initial 90 Day Keto trial I dropped a lot of weight, 8.79% of my body fat in fact, and I wasn’t huge to begin with.  The weights I were lifting at the gym went up and I felt amazing.  I was a lean, mean fat burning machine.  

But there was a lot of guesswork.  I made a lot of mistakes, and there was so much information about Keto that didn’t apply to me, it was confusing.  

This could be you too.

Easy Veg Keto is exactly that.  It’s to make Vegetarian Keto as easy as possible for maximum results.

What amazing resources are inside the 4-week kick start?

  1. 4 weeks worth of proven successful, Vegetarian Keto meal plans.  Each day is balanced to fit the Macronutrient balance of 70% Fats, 25% Protein and 5% Carbs.  This allows you to understand how it works and make it easy to adapt for your tastes and requirements.
  2. 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie variations of the meal plans, plus instructions on how to personalize it for you.
  3. Exact Shopping lists and recipes for the meal plans, because we like to make it easy 🙂
  4. An introductory guide on how to use the plan to get the most out of it
Fit Chick Vegetarian Keto changed my life. After being stuck in a weightloss rut for years, I have finally found something that works for me. I have lost 10+ kg and counting.
Melbourne, Australia

Why will this work when nothing else has?

  • You can follow it without having to think about what you should be eating
  • It has tasty easy to follow recipes you’ll enjoy.   PLUS we’ve even included a bonus recipes pack so you can easily mix and match to create the perfect plan for you and your taste buds!
  • Includes shopping lists so all you have to do is shop and follow along
  • It gives you the tools to keep going once the 4 weeks are up, or you can just rinse and repeat or modify as needed.
  • And if there is anything you don’t like  in the meal plan, check out our bonuses to help you out…

And as a sprinkling of low carb sweetener on top, we have some Bonuses to give you even more value...

To give you meal alternatives and choices to keep going long after the 4 week plan is up

Just in case you want to Geek out over the macros and numbers.

At this one time only price of $37

vegetarian keto made easy

Making Vegetarian Keto As Easy as Possible

Don’t look back in 6 months and wish you’d started now.

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